Roald Knutsen
7th dan Renshi Kendo

Butokukan Welcomes New Members

British Kendo Renmei


The British Kendo Renmei (Eikoku Kendo Renmei in Japanese) was founded in 1973 to provide an alternative choice for Budo (Kendo) students.


We offer an understanding

of the traditional arts and ways of the Japanese martial culture,

rather than those who interpret

and present Kendo mainly as a competitive sport.

Butokukan Dojo


The Butokukan Dojo has been active in the Brighton area for 50 years. Currently there are weekly kendo practices in Brighton

and in Lewes.


Beginners are always welcome. Trial lessons – no obligation.


There is also an Iai group practising in Lewes.


Kendo Training 

Kendō goes back to the

Samurai or warrior class of Old Japan. We use bamboo shinai

or practice swords, wearing protective armour.


There are ‘4 Poisons’ to

overcome in Kendō: fear, doubt, surprise and confusion.

By confronting these, Kendō students can attain a calm mind to face their everyday problems.





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